Simplify Simultaneous Buying and Selling with Our Innovative Solution

Trade up into your next home

A Custom Solution

Move into your new home and get full market value for your old home.

A guaranteed offer

UpEquity makes an offer to buy your Old Home.

Shop contingency-free

You can now make a stronger offer on your New Home.

Move on your timeline

Move into your New Home + avoid the stress of moving twice.

Sell on your own terms

Take up to 180 days to sell the Old Home.

A Custom Solution

Navigating the complexities of buying and selling a home concurrently can be challenging, but our specialized solution is designed to ease the process for homeowners like you. Our Buy Before You Sell solution, allowing us to customize the perfect fit for your individual circumstances.


  • Eliminate contingencies.
  • Improved DTI ratio with removal of existing mortgage obligation
  • Guaranteed upfront offer.
  • 0% bridge loan
  • Unlock 75% equity in current home.

Trade Up into your next home.

  • Please let us know what's on your mind. Have a question for us? Ask away.
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